Ice Skating Lessons

Ice Skating Lessons

Whether you're learning to skate for fun or pursuing competitive figure skating or hockey, we have a class for you!

We offer different types of ice skating lessons all year-round for children (age 4+) and adults of all levels.

Our skating school is a proud member of the US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program.The mission of the Basic Skills Program is to provide a goal-oriented program that encourages ice skating at all levels and to enhance the quality of skating skills at these levels.

Lesson Objectives

The objectives of our skating program's lessons are to:

  • provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner as well as the more advanced skater.
  • teach correct technique of the simple basic elements.
  • promote health and physical fitness.
  • enable all participants to achieve the skills necessary to either skate for fun the rest of their lives or to move competently into the U.S. Figure Skating advanced test and/or competitive structure.

Prices for Group Lessons

The fee for group lessons is determined by the number of classes in the session, and the price will include:

  • Weekly 30 minute group lesson
  • Skate rental on lesson day & during Public Skating
  • Public Skating on Tuesdays 3:00pm - 5:00pm & Saturdays 1:00pm - 2:30pm (Times are subject to change. See schedule for weekly updates)

2020 Schedule

These are the tentative dates for our Group Ice Skating Lessons.

WinterJanuary 7April 412
SpringApril 14June 2710
SummerJuly 7August 156
FallSeptember 8December 1213
Little girl learning how to ice skating for fun.
Girl learning how to figure skate.

Freestyle and Stick Time Sessions

These sessions are intended for higher level skaters to practice their skills independently or take a private lesson.

Freestyle sessions are for figure skaters and Stick Time sessions are for hockey players.

All skaters must have their own skates, as skate rentals are not available during these sessions.

These practice sessions are offered regularly March - October. Please note that due to ice availability, there will be very few sessions November - February.

Prices for Sessions

  • $25.00/session -or-
  • $19.00/session with Punch Card
  • Punch Cards are available for purchase at the manager's office.
  • Prices are the same regardless of arrival time.

Guest Coaching

Guest Coaches are always welcome to teach during our Freestyle, Stick time or Public Skating Sessions for a daily fee of $18.00.

Guest coaches who wish to teach during any of these sessions must submit a valid insurance certificate prior to the day they wish to begin teaching.

Insurance certificates should be e-mailed to

Practice your hockey.
Practice your hockey.
Little girl figure skating